Community guidelines (obsolete)

This is an earlier, obsolete version of Storium’s community guidelines, originally published on 6/23/2014. It has been superseded by Storium’s new code of conduct and is provided here only for historical reference.

Our forums exist for the benefit of the entire Storium community. We need your help to ensure they remain vibrant and welcoming. As such, we expect all users to adhere to these guidelines. Violators may find their posts blocked or their forums access revoked. And that’s no fun for anyone!

1. Play well with others: Storium is a game of collaborative storytelling. Bring that same spirit of cooperation to these forums by keeping a positive, constructive attitude. Abusive language, hostility, hate, bullying, or harassment of any kind are not permitted in these forums, nor is spamming or the marketing of outside services or products.

2. Respect boundaries: We’re all here to play and have fun. If someone doesn’t want to engage with you or is uncomfortable discussing a certain topic, be considerate and don’t push it. And never share or expose other people’s personal information.

3. If you see a problem, let us know: This is your community, too, so please help us keep it healthy. Click the “report” link if you see behavior that is not in keeping with these guidelines.

4. Stay on topic: Please use the appropriate category when posting. It’s especially helpful if product feedback, support issues, and technical requests are posted in Storium’s dedicated Feedback section. That’s because our feedback system enables us to categorize, prioritize, and follow-up on such issues far more effectively than we can in the forums.

5. Follow the rules: In addition to these guidelines, our forums are also subject to Storium’s Terms of Service.

Note that Storium will work to maintain a respectful and safe environment even outside of these rules, and we’ll step in at any time if we deem it necessary.

Please contact our community manager for help with any forum-related issues.